Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cannot think of a more appropriate title, but here goes
'The intricacies and beauty of life and death'
1.a patient's death taught me
-how one should plan for death before dying 
-how respect and dignity for the dead cannot be compromised

2.the interactions between a deaf-mute couple 
-showed me that the language of care and love goes beyond spoken words
-allowed me to be think about appreciating patients' abilities >their obvious disabilities


Friday, June 13, 2014

Nothing very new, just that it. has. been.. escalating/peaking/increasing to extremely uncomfortable levels

Spiralling out of control, descending right in to the abyss of...(ok i should stop trying)
Becoming intelligible, indescribable.. Or perhaps just really tired/jaded/too long drawn, that no one really wants to, or ought to listen to it any longer
Rearing it's ugly head into the natural(or i would say, normal) aspects of life. Casting doubt and uncertainty on friendships, challenging the validity and strength of 'friendship ties'which unfortunately cannot be divorced from God-ship elements 

It just gets pretty bad/agonising when part of you truly believes (and tries to or hopes to)... And the other part resists- clearly uncomfortable,unconvinced and as they may say, dead or hardened 

This, the story of a 2year struggle that's not getting anywhere. The little tale of a life so closely shaped and tethered to organised religion, that nothing can really move on if this faith in OR is shaken.
It really amazes me how much faith and absolute trust, committment i once had

In fact, unbeknown to me (yet quite self-explicably) neither is my life really heading anywhere.


Sunday, March 09, 2014

ahhh i sometimes try too hard
talk too much
think too much?


Wednesday, March 05, 2014

yes, i don't thrive under uncertainty, under ambiguity, under change
though, i'm actually pretty much one who sends out uncertain/ambiguous vibes

thats what keeps me so ickyughfrustratedrollseyes/sigh/scream&cry

when we just muddle through


Saturday, March 01, 2014

sometimes i really feel like slapping myself silly/ rubbing my eyes out/ stretching till i reach the skies...

all in a bid to take back what i've said, part of a moment's regret at saying toomuch-toosoon


i can never be on the same page, maybe because i don't try hard enough
maybe because i try too hard to be different

maybe it's always been like that
this forum/thatforum/ this discussion= pseudo discussions

thinly veiled hot-topic debates that end up feeling like a waste of time, pre-exisiting assumptions being cast in stone...

leaving no room (or too much room for nonsense actually)
leaving me cold and feeling like an intellectual snob


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mr-visually-impaired in a yellow ribbon run shirt

You remind me of the reason behind my ism(unfortunately can run but cant hide)

You remind me of resilience, the talk of the town, the concept im so afraid to over-romanticise,that i'm so scared of misusing

Today you assured me,as i think back on the encounters i've been part of :')


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I can be creepy

Staring too hard
Shifty eyes
Stumbling on words

When i stop at 4k
When i get so easily bored and sick&tired
... Crazy mad over my crazy sister's humongous fastfood meals, artery clogging fries and fried chicken. I cannot fathom and it really drives me...


juliajulesfoo it's been 8years here!
i really love biscuits, feed me& i'm happy (:
faith,love and courage

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